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As a registered freelance/associate trainer you will need to:

  1. Be prepared to work for a mix of different clients in a range of industries and sectors.
  2. Be ethical, i.e. do not work directly for any of the delegates on your course
  3. Be flexible about start times, course content, delivery mechanisms, everything – the customer is always right!
  4. Ensure you know your products completely – inside out and back to front. Delegates will ask the most obscure questions and get themselves into the most amazing problems – which you will have to get them out of!
  5. Operate good diary management, preferably online.

We recommend that all freelancers:

  1. Consider becoming accredited in product knowledge and/or training ability
  2. Diversify product knowledge or consider offering specialist-training packages to a niche market, in order to increase earning potential.


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